Nan Baker

Your Voice on County Council

I have enjoyed my time serving you as your Cuyahoga County Council Member and engaging in the community whenever possible. It has been especially rewarding to assist you when you reach out to me for help on a county issue. Those individual successes add up to a great deal of satisfaction and ultimately why I’m here.

Although very challenging at times, I have worked hard to raise objections when needed and offer better solutions when possible. I have taken my responsibility to oversee all aspects of County government from the budget to our internal ERP project to any program that we are asked to support and fund. The county is very complex and it’s important that those most in need get the services we are responsible to deliver. Enhancing our Economic Development initiatives and bringing good paying jobs to the county is also very important. Providing workforce training opportunities to lift those that lack the necessary skills will help to ensure a good quality of life for them

To further ensure accountability, I created legislation, 02018-0012, that requires county agencies to provide a response within 30 days to recommendations issued as part of a review or investigation of the Agency of Inspector General. Until then, the Inspector General could only ask for information and had no power to obtain it. Inspector General Mark Griffin stated that this legislation was extremely helpful in retrieving important information that he struggled to obtain before this legislation was enacted. It was unanimously supported by my county colleagues.

I am pleased to report that during my service as your County Council member, I have brought millions of your tax dollars back to the district for street, road, and bridge repairs. Also, through the county’s portion of the Casino Revenue profits, I was able to secure funding for the Brad Street Landing Pier in Rocky River that’s ready to open this year. A very exciting community project for our district!

Since I began my service on Cuyahoga County Council in 2017, District 1 received the following infrastructure funding for Street, Road and Bridge Repairs.

2017, Spencer Road, Lorain Road to Center Ridge Road (Rocky River) $250,000.00
2018, Bradley Road Culvert No. 00.67 replacement (North Olmsted) $320,565.00
2019, Mastick Road, Fairview Park West Corp. Line to Easton Road (Fairview Park), $1,127,100.00
2019, Mackenzie Road, Lorain Road to South Corp. Line (North Olmsted) $250,000.00
2019, Mastick Road Bridge No. 03.13 Rehab (Fairview Park) $4,115,506.00
2020, West 210th Street, Mastic Road to Lorain Road (Fairview Park) $250,000.00
2021, Cedar Point Road Bridge 00.49 (North Olmsted) $3,055,335.00
2021, Hilliard Road, River Oaks Drive to Lakeview Avenue (Rocky River) $1,452,000.00
2021/2022, Bradley Road, South Corp. Line to Wolf Road (Bay Village) $250,000.00
2022, Wolf Road, Clague Road to Sutcliffe Drive (Bay Village ($4,714,328.00)

Future Capital Projects:
2023, Clague Road, Lorain Road to Marion Road (North Olmsted) $800,000.00
2024, Hilliard Road Bridge Replacement, (Rocky River/Lakewood) $40,000,000.00

In addition, an annual Pavement Management Program funding is awarded to cities across the county and our West Shore mayors continue to apply and take advantage of it.

As you may have read as we were negotiating the Progressive Field funding request, I was successful in recommending with their negotiators to lower the Sunday Family ticket price to $80.00 for a family of 4 that includes $40.00 in food and soft drinks. For a family of 3 it would be $20.00 less and a family of 5 it would be $20.00 more. So, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or anyone in a group that includes a person 18 years or younger, you now have an affordable opportunity to take your kids to the ballpark. Baseball season is now upon us. Enjoy!

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